The Naval War of 1812: America's Second War of Independence

"Drs. William S. Dudley and J. Scott Harmon’s The Naval War of 1812 is a “Cadillac” on the “showroom floor” of War of 1812 writings. The print quality is truly superb.  One must open the book to hear the static cling seal give way to the incredible prints of 1812 battles, artifacts, and portraits. The battle scenes are accompanied by remarkable line drawings by Helen Riegle, who masterfully shows ship locations, headings, and land topography."

CDR  Dan Somma, USCG in Naval Historical Foundation Book Reviews, December 2013.  ( 

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Maritime Maryland : A History

"William Dudley's work makes a major contribution to the genre and deserves to be welcomed by students of both maritime history and current issues in cultural resource and environmental management.  And it deserves an audience far beyond the state of Maryland." 

- John A. Tilley, Nautical Research Journal

"Dudley successfully weaves the personal stories and antics.... into the larger context of Maryland's maritime past, providing the reader with colour and levity throughout."

- Claire P. Dappart, Illinois State Archeological Survey, University of Illinois, for The International  Purchase a copy  Journal of Nautical Archeology

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The Early Republic and the Sea: Essays on the Naval and Maritime History of the Early United States

James Fenimore Cooper's Ned Myers or a Life Before the Mast

The Naval War of 1812: A Documentary History, Vol. I

The Naval History of 1812: A Documentary History, Vol. II